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Managing International Project Teams: a Focus on Emerging and Developing Countries

Public cible:
Senior and junior researchers, professors and assistants with varying levels of experience in developing and leading international project teams.


Opportunities for research and teaching funding with partners located in emerging or developing countries (e.g. SEED Money calls with MENA, Asia, Latin America) is becoming increasingly available to HES⁠-⁠SO scholars. Although work in multicultural teams is common for Swiss scholars, managing international project teams involving partners from culturally and institutionally distant countries is often not an easy task.

This workshop was developed based on the workshop facilitators’ concrete research expertise on collaboration in international teams and their experience in leading projects involving partners from emerging and developing countries.

This workshop aims to develop your capacity to effectively develop and manage international projects across the following three stages: network development, partnership engagement and collaborative research project. Among the specific issues that will be addressed are tackling conflicts related to intercultural communication and tips on how to avoid them in their early stage.

Particularly, in this workshop you will develop:

  • Awareness of your own cultural conditioning and its’ impact on your interactions with partners in international research project teams;
  • Ability to understand the world from the cultural perspective of others and appreciate different communication styles and ways of doing things;
  • Skills to choose an appropriate communication style across the three stages of international research project management;
  • Capacity to deal with conflicts through appropriate cross-cultural communication strategies.
  • You will work on concrete cases of academic project development and management in various cultural contexts such as MENA, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. You will develop your competencies by engaging in both individual exercises and discussions with peers, strengthened by facilitators’ insights and experience from their own research projects on international management issues.  

     Cette formation n’est pas prise en compte pour l’obtention de l’Attestation didactique de la HES⁠-⁠SO .

    Anna Lupina-Wegener, Professor, and Güldem Karamustafa-Köse, project coordinateur, at the Institut Interdisciplinaire du Développement de l'Entreprise within HEIG-VD.
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