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Search, use, and management of scientific publications

Public cible:
Researchers at the beginning or during their research in the social sciences, economy, nursing, exact-, natural- and life- sciences, engineering, and administrative persons supporting researchers in publication activities (librarians, Arodes referent persons, facilitators of research valorization, etc)

Content and objectives
This seminar helps participants successfully search, manage and reuse the scientific information to update the publication list before writing their research project paper, or to consolidate first results in comparison with literature, and to consider key points of further publication strategy. Persons wanting to refresh knowledge on scientific publication aspects are welcome!
General and specific search tools are addressed to enable the participants to better define the topic of their research (has it already been covered?), to get to know their subject in depth (what is the state of the art in a particular field of research?), and to begin monitoring relevant scientific material (what are the latest publications on a topic?). The workshop introduces a reference management tool which permits the structured organization of the participant's documents and the easy citation of their sources. Finally, we will also review briefly current practices in bibliometrics and copyright law, with a view to participants' future publications.

STM actors: Thomson, Springer-Nature, Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis
Citing tools: Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar
Subject databases: Pubmed, Engineering Village, Business source complete, Sociological Abstracts, Mathscinet etc
Full text databases : ScienceDirect, PubmedCentral, IEEE etc
Library catalogs : RERO, NEBIS
Reference managers: Zotero
Licences: Copyright, Creative Commons
Bibliometrics: Thomson Journal Citation Reports

At the end of the seminar participants will be able to:

  • find scientific publications effectively and efficiently
  • use a reference management tool
  • adapt their reuse of the sources of scientific information (texts, images, pictures, data) according to the different dissemination contexts of a document

We will alternate theoretical discussion with the practical use of different tools. The first half of the workshop will cover the search of scientific publications, and in the second we will look at reference management, bibliometrics and copyright essentials. For some sessions, the course is organized in two parallel groups (one group for humanities, social sciences, economy, another for exact and natural Sciences and engineering).

Warning : Participants will need to bring their own laptop configured with Wifi access for "Eduroam" and actived Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Cette formation n’est pas prise en compte pour l’obtention de l’Attestation didactique de la HES-SO .

Thomas Henkel, responsable de la formation aux compétences documentaires à l'Université de Fribourg; Dr Sylvie Vullioud-Marcacci, formatrice à la publication scientifique à Scientific Information School ( SIS)
Ecole ou établissement:
HES-SO // Master
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1 jour
Frais d'inscription:
HES-SO   300.00
Hors HES-SO   400.00
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